VETLANTA is a club operated exclusively for veteran social and business networking and community service purposes.

What is our purpose?

Our purpose is to help veterans.

Who do we network with?

We network with Atlanta area businesses (including non-profits, education institutions, government agencies), to find those organizations with like-minded values who may have opportunities for veterans.

How do we maximize our efforts?

To maximize our impact on current efforts, VETLANTA may become involved with local volunteer opportunities in order to facilitate camaraderie and give veterans a chance to network effectively.

Our Story

Meet Our Executive Team

Lloyd Knight


John W. Phillips

Vice President

Dr. Amy Stevens

Chief of Women Veterans

Kevin Horgan

Chief Operations Officer

Patrick Haddock

Business Engagement Officer

Krista deKryger

Chief Communications Officer

Matthew A. Grob

Chief Strategy Officer

Cherrie Davis

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

Meet Our Pillar Directors

This Could Be You

This Could Be You

Meet Our Volunteer Leaders

Zack Knight

National Guard and Reserves Liaison

Alexandra Piedmonte

Social Media Manager

Don Long

Summit Operations Manager

Stephanie Ray


Dan Solla

Veterans Justice Program Manager

Andy Norcia

Webmaster and Digital Strategist

Doc Todd

Veterans In Arts Program Manager

David Wattenmaker

Long Range Planning

Nathaniel Casement

Communications Manager

Executive Advisors

Steve Cannon

Chris Peck

Executive Director Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO)

John Tien

Managing Director at Citigroup

Our Partners