Our 5 Pillars represent our areas of focus within the Atlanta Veterans Community.

No one pillar can hold up the structure of our community, and they all must rely upon each other.  Each pillar has their particular core competencies, and they call come together to provide holistic support to our veterans and our military families.

In this spirit, and in the demonstrated spirit of VETLANTA’s chartered mission of fostering collaboration, our strategy aims to mass and align the organizational efforts of all the major elements in the Atlanta Veterans ecosystem: For-Profit Employers, Non-Profit Organizations, Government Agencies, and Institutions of Higher Learning.

We rely on our volunteer Pillar Directors to promote initiatives within their respective pillars to create a robust platform upon which Atlanta Veterans can proudly stand.


Business Pillar

The Business Pillar mission is to build a world class program that helps our veteran entrepreneurs build a strong foundation to successfully launch, grow, and sustain their business ventures.


The Education Pillar mission is to open and make available pathways to collaboration and assistance for any veteran or military family member in the pursuit of an education in the university system or technical colleges, regardless of topic, major, or focus.


The Employment Pillar mission is to prepare Veterans and their families for a successful transition by connecting them with Veteran friendly employers and employment resources in Atlanta.


Housing Pillar

The Housing Pillar mission is to work collaboratively with VETLANTA members and the Atlanta community, veterans, stakeholders, and change agents to aid in eradicating homelessness and helping at-risk Veterans.


The Healthcare Pillar mission is to strengthen the Atlanta veteran community by providing knowledge, connecting resources, and informing latest trends about healthcare to veterans.